Our weekly Moodboards…

Set a glamorous tone in any space with this week’s mood board, featuring Cambria Mersey and Bellingham.

Evoke the beauty of Natural Marble without the maintenance of natural stone. This week’s mood board featuring the Italian made SM quartz Flume.

Grand and Majestic, Introducing Cambria Brittanicca. Paired here with Parisian Blue Cabinetry from @kitchenstori.

The Elegant Italian made quartz Lyskamm by SM Quartz is featured here in this week’s mood board, paired beautifully with slate blue Cabinetry by Kitchenstori.

American Made Cambria Clareanne and Cambria Ironsbridge featured here in this week’s mood board paired perfectly with Vintage Pink Cabinetry by Kitchenstori.

Create an impressive statement with this week’s mood board. Featuring the Luxury Italian Quartz Calacatta Mistral by SM Quartz. Paired here with Forest Green Cabinetry by Kitchenstori, with a combination of white and lime green paint tones.

A beautiful combination of SMQuartz Victoria paired here with the stunning Cardamon coloured door by @kitchenstori.

Bring a coastal feel to your kitchen with Cambria Praa Sands. It comprises veins in black, off white, brown, with subtle tones of light blue randomly placed over the surface. Paired beautifully here with slate blue cabinets from @kitchenstori.

Cambria Berwyn from our waterstone collection paired beautiful here with a combination of Deep Forest and Cardamon Cabinetry from @kitchenstori.

The Cambria Ironsbridge, an intriguing design blending liquid honey accents with patch work of greys, whites, and cream to beautifully merge warm cool tones of delightful harmony.

Cambria Britannica features cool tones with bold veins layered greys against a milky white canvas, paired here beautifully with forest green cabinetry by @kitchenstori.

Combining True Strength and Beauty with this week’s mood board. Featuring Cambria Mersey and Cambria Ironsbridge, paired here with Pink cabinetry by @kitchenstori.

This week’s mood board featuring Cambria Oakmoore, inspired by the waves of the ocean. Paired here with sage green and pearl white cabinetry.

This week’s mood board is a stunning and bold combination of natural hues, green cabinetry and gold handles, all perfectly paired with our SM Sirocco Range (calacatta).

Add a Luxurious vibe to your kitchen with this weeks mood board featuring Cambria Pendle Hill. Paired here with two toned cabinetry doors Porcelain and slate blue.

Bring true elegance to your Kitchen with this week’s mood board. Featuring Cambria Brittanicca paired here with Sage green and Ivory doors.

The Cambria Summerhill paired with Forest Green Cabinetry, chrome handles and light paint tones. Summerhill is a neutral countertop that is anything but subtle.

This weeks fans favourite, Calacatta Supreme quartz, a naturally elegant elegant marble alternative. The subtle vein movements is just one of the reasons why.

The natural veining of SMQuartz Victoria and the Wind inspired SMQuartz Sirocco compliments the Sage green Cabinetry beautifully, bringing nature into your home. Paint featured Fire and Ball All White and Pitch Black.

A beautiful combination of Ironsbridge Cambria Quartz with Farrow & Ball Pointing with Apple Green and dusty pink colours.

Showcasing SMQuartz Grecale and Lyskamm, paired with slate blue cabinetry by Kitchen-Stori and Farrow and Ball Stiffkey Blue & Middle Pink.

Showcasing Cambria Ella, paired with Forest Green cabinets by Kitchen Stori, Farrow & Ball Churlish green and Ball green creating that chic Farmhouse look.

A striking monochromatic combination featuring Pietra Dark and Paradiso Griso from our SM Quartz Range

A chic pairing featuring forest green cabinets and Calacatta Vagli quartz countertop. Add a bold statement with Vendome marble in a feature blacksplash!

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